What Do You See First: Optical Illusion Will Tell You Your Personality

We have for our viewers an amazing optical illusion that can allegedly reveal the true personality of a person- depending entirely on which animal they end up spotting first.

The picture, completely in black and white, depicts both a cat, as well as a mouse. The test will then reveal if a person is actually independent and curious about life, or has something close to a cautious personality. For this test to work, all you need to do is look at the image, and see which image catches your eye first. 

Take a look and ask yourself: is it a cat or a mouse that directed your attention first?

If You Chanced Upon The Cat First

If your eyes came upon the black cat first, which is pretty much the largest part of the image, it would imply that your personality traits reflect those of the feline animal. You seem to be a very independent and curious animal, whilst being playful and mysterious at the same time. 

Also, similar to most pet cats, you also don’t tend to rely on others- rather you do things by yourself. You are also a very curious person by nature and have been looking forward to learning new things and asking more questions. There is a possibility that you are capable of easily switching between work and play, and can attract people with your personality. 

If You Saw The Mouse First

If you actually saw the mouse first- which occupies a far smaller area on the page, it implies that you are pretty cautious as an individual. You could also be shy and reserved- but that doesn’t imply that you aren’t aware of what’s happening around you. 

Those who do see the mouse first are pretty observant- as well as being timid- for they are always observant of who they are watching- and who’s watching them! Interestingly, you can also be readily resourceful and adaptable- as you would have to be when faced with difficult and problematic situations. 

Bonus Optical Illusion

Next, look at this optical illusion created by Vladimir Kush, a Russian artist- and ask yourself what you are looking at first:

If you see the clouds first in the image, it implies that you are someone who would never let their guard down before people. It could also signify that you constantly watch your steps when you are interacting with people. 

But if you see the lips first- you are someone who is very kind-hearted and would go above and beyond the call of duty to help others. You are someone who would bend the rules to help a stranger out and be sentimental and upbeat about it throughout.

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