“Vegan Horse Riding” Championship in Finland Goes Viral

Most people are familiar with traditional equestrian sports and horse-related activities.

However, a video from the 2023 Finnish Hobby Horse Championship has gained widespread attention on social media, leaving users in disbelief over its authenticity.

The Finnish Championship is a hobby horse event, which is a competition or gathering where people compete in a variety of equestrian events using hobby horses.

Hobby horses are stick horses with realistic horse heads and tails, and riders often dress in riding gear and compete in events such as show jumping, dressage, and cross-country.

Hobby horse events are growing in popularity around the world, and there are now many different types of events to choose from. Some events are focused on competition, while others are more social and focus on having fun. There are also events that are specifically for children or adults.

Nevertheless, the video of this peculiar event has sparked a range of reactions among social media users. Numerous individuals expressed confusion regarding the purpose and rationale behind such an unusual competition, leading to a diverse array of opinions and questions surrounding the event’s significance.


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“This shouldn’t be called a sport. 5-year-old kids do this kind of ‘sport’ when they’re playing,” commented a user.

“Humanity needs a reset. Enough is enough,” wrote another user.

“This is a wonderful hobby, and those riders are super skilled athletes. And they are not doing it for ‘vegans,’ but as a great hobby.

Try yourself and stop those stupid negative comments,” commented a third user.

Regardless of one’s perspective, the championship and its viral video have certainly sparked a lively conversation in the ever-evolving landscape of modern pastimes.

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