Lazy Workers Carve Shortcut Directly Through Great Wall of China, To Avoid Walking Around It

Two Chinese workers were taken into custody for causing irreparable harm to a segment of the Great Wall by using heavy machinery to form a shortcut.

The iconic Great Wall of China, one of the select few human-made wonders discernible from outer space, has its roots tracing back to the third century BC.

Though substantial portions of this majestic structure stand tall today, under heritage protection, this did not deter two workers from bulldozing a segment which obstructed their path.

The culprits, a man of 38 and a woman of 55, were working proximate to the impacted section. Exasperated by the continuous detour around the wall to reach their desired location, they chose to widen an existing breach, allowing their excavator to pass through directly.

Following reports of the damage, authorities from Shanxi province traced the excavator’s tracks, leading them straight to the duo. They subsequently confessed to altering the historic barrier to accommodate their machinery. Regrettably, the destruction inflicted is termed ‘irreversible’.

This particular segment of the Great Wall, though distant from the frequently photographed and frequented sections, remains an integral part of the Unesco World Heritage. The aftermath of the deed? A makeshift dirt road cutting across it.

Chinese national broadcaster, CCTV, disclosed, “Currently, the two suspects have been criminally detained in accordance with the law, and the case is continuing to be investigated.”

It remains a poignant reflection of our times that a monument which stood resilient through millennia and was pivotal in shaping several Chinese epochs, fell victim to the impatience of two workers.

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