Elon Musk Faces “Bring Back Twitter” Chants at Gaming Championship

Elon Musk, after acquiring and rebranding the social media giant Twitter to X, faced significant backlash.

The idea of creating an “everything app” was met with a spectrum of responses.

However, his latest public appearance at the Valorant World Championship Final unveiled a more direct display of dissent. A report from Independent mentioned that as he was featured on the screen, the audience voiced their disapproval with a crescendo of boos and chants of “bring back Twitter”.

Despite being in the spotlight for a mere four seconds, the moment captured the attention of millions. The short clip highlighting the incident has been viewed almost 15 million times on X, Musk’s platform.

One commentator, amidst the loud booing, was quoted by Independent asking, “Where is that from? That can’t be from in here, surely.”

Though the cameras moved back to the gameplay, the audience’s sentiment was clear as they sustained their chant of “Bring back Twitter!”

Responses to the incident varied on X. One user humorously remarked, “Getting booed by Valorant players is akin to receiving wedgies from the anime club in middle school.”

While another commented on wanting a new logo, a third user noted the relative mildness of the chant, saying it was “actually very sweet compared to other possible chants.”

Musk’s tenure overseeing the platform has been marked by significant alterations. The introduction of Twitter Blue stood out prominently. He also replaced the iconic blue badge of legacy verification with a paid verification system.

Furthermore, Musk’s decision to reactivate several high-profile accounts previously suspended by Twitter’s former administration stirred controversy.

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