Darwin Awards: 5 Strange Ways People Removed Themselves From The Gene Pool

The Darwin Awards have been a source of entertainment for over 25 years.

The awards began in 1993 at Stanford University as part of a biological research project. The awards are meant to be humorous, and celebrate those who have removed themselves from the human gene pool in spectacular and often bizarre ways.

These awards are given based on the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ and are meant to be humorous. The recipients of these awards have often made poor decisions that have led to their untimely demise, leaving readers both shocked and entertained.

Let’s take a look at five of the most bizarre and unusual deaths that have earned recipients the prestigious Darwin Award.

Antlers Ahoy

antlers ahoy
Photo: Pexels

One of the recipients of the Darwin Awards attempted to smuggle elk antlers out of Yellowstone Park and drowned while doing so. This incident, known as the Antlers Ahoy award, occurred in the 1980s when two men attempted to transport elk antlers out of the park using an inflatable rubber raft on the Gardiner river. Unfortunately, the raft capsized, and one of the men drowned while trying to save the antlers.

The elk antlers were worth up to $7/lb at the time, which is believed to be the main motivation behind this risky and ultimately fatal endeavor.

Killer whalebone

killer whalebone
Photo: Pexels

Another bizarre incident that earned a Darwin Award was the case of Gouverneur Morris, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Morris died after inserting part of a whalebone into his penis, which caused a fatal infection. This incident, known as the Killer Whalebone award, highlights the dangers of attempting unusual and potentially dangerous sexual practices.

Despite his tragic end, Morris is remembered for his contributions to the United States Constitution, which he helped draft and sign.

Crystal Daze

antlers ahoy
Photo: Pexels

Local legend surrounding the Cave of the Crystals in Mexico warns against plundering the site for treasure. The Naica Mine, which houses the cave, is known for its selenite crystals that can reach up to 39 feet in length.

However, the cave is not only a source of wonder for scientists and visitors alike but also a source of curse for those who attempt to remove or damage the crystals. According to the legend, those who disturb the cave will face misfortune and illness, which is believed to be the punishment from the spirits guarding the crystals.

This belief has been passed down through generations and is still widely held by the locals.

Beer For Bears

beer for bears
Photo: Pexels

In Serbia’s annual beer festival, a shocking discovery was made by zookeepers within the enclosure housing two bears, Misha and Masha. The remains of a 23-year-old man were found, accompanied by an assortment of beer cans and cell phones.

Interestingly, untouched clothing was also present, suggesting that the man voluntarily undressed before the bears launched their attack, according to investigators.

Smokin’ Hot sauce

beer for bears
Photo: Pexels

Through a sequence of ill-advised choices, a man from North Carolina tragically set himself ablaze. It all began when he mistakenly consumed an unfamiliar liquid from a salsa jar that was sitting on his friend’s kitchen counter.

Unbeknownst to him, the liquid turned out to be gasoline, which his friend, a mechanic, had been using to clean his hands after work. Subsequently, the man proceeded to light a cigarette, igniting the residual gasoline present on and within his body.

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