France Has 12 Time Zones – The Highest Of Any Country!

It would definitely come as a surprise to most people when they know that France actually has the highest timezone of any country. In reality, France has 12 different time zones, thanks to the overseas territories- which also include the claim the country has to Adelie Land in Antarctica. For those wondering, this is way … Read more

This Is Not Concrete, But An Aerial Picture Of A New Delhi!

The reality of India’s urbanization is a dense web of ever-increasing disparities and inefficient local authorities. With 55% of the world’s population moving to urban areas, governments talk of smart cities. They believe that it is the only way to accommodate the ever-burgeoning population. And the capital city of New Delhi is the worst affected … Read more

Doorbell Manufacturer Announces $1 Million Reward for Evidence of Aliens

ring alien evidence

In a novel approach to explore potential extraterrestrial occurrences nearby, Ring has unveiled its ‘Million Dollar Search for Extraterrestrial’ initiative this week, promising a staggering reward of $1 million. The company calls upon its users to capture “unaltered scientific evidence of a real extraterrestrial lifeform” using their Ring devices. The company said in a press … Read more

“Vegan Horse Riding” Championship in Finland Goes Viral

finnish hobby horse

Most people are familiar with traditional equestrian sports and horse-related activities. However, a video from the 2023 Finnish Hobby Horse Championship has gained widespread attention on social media, leaving users in disbelief over its authenticity. The Finnish Championship is a hobby horse event, which is a competition or gathering where people compete in a variety … Read more

Why Does It Seem The Older You Get, The More You Hate Everyone?

why hate everyone

Have you ever found yourself constantly expressing disdain toward others? Interestingly, as we age, such feelings may actually become more prevalent. Allow me to share a personal narrative… My friendship circle has drastically shrunk over time. Now, my family, especially my siblings and a couple of cousins, have become my closest allies. Should you relate … Read more