Wind Is Essential For Trees To Grow Stronger

One of the most calming sounds we hear is the wind rustling through the forest. But there is a strange dynamic about the relationship between the wind and trees. So while storms and strong winds destroy trees, there are also ways that the wind and trees work together to benefit the trees. We have for … Read more

The World’s Largest Seed Belongs To That Of A Palm Tree And It Can Weigh Up To 25 Kg

A fabled palm thrives in the stunning Seychelles islands in the Indian Ocean. The Lodoicea maldivica, commonly referred to as the coco-de-mer or double coconut, is well recognized for yielding the biggest and largest seeds in the entire world. Scientists, tourists, and poachers all find these striking seeds appealing due to their intriguing form and … Read more

This Natural Wonder Site That Has Three Separate Lake Colors

Situated on Flores Island in Indonesia, Mount Kelimutu National Park is world-famous for its volcano with separate lake colors.  The 3 distinct lakes of Mt. Kelimutu have ancient myths associated with them. At times amber, at other times turquoise, and then you find them turning green. We have seen lakes decked in several pretty crazy … Read more

Chile’s Bizarre Hand In The Desert Has A Magnificent Secret

The Chilean Atacama Desert stretches around 60 miles along the Pacific Coast and is one of the driest places on Earth. It receives less precipitation than the polar deserts. It is in the middle of such wilderness that Chilean figurative sculptor Mario Irarrazabal created his most famous work, the Hand-in-the-Desert. Irarrazabal always favors an openness … Read more

Hunters Catch 800-Pound Record-Breaking Alligator in Yazoo River

800 pound alligator mississippi

Hunters have set a new record in Mississippi by capturing the state’s longest alligator in the Yazoo River. The massive creature measured an impressive 14 feet and 3 inches (4.34 meters) and tipped the scales at 802.5 pounds (364 kilograms), reports the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP). This surpasses the prior record … Read more

Save The Bees by Planting These – 9 Gorgeous Flowers that Attract Bees

flowers that attract bees

Gardens are more than just serene havens for humans They’re also bustling hubs of activity for numerous species, from birds to bees. And these creatures play the crucial role of pollination, ensuring the growth and reproduction of many plants. Pollinators vary and can include butterflies, bats, bees, beetles, and many others. Planting flowers that cater … Read more