Yoga And How It Heals The Mind And Body

For centuries, people have been singing praises about the benefits of Yoga. Interestingly, if one is actually looking for a deep relaxation that would cultivate some form of awareness between the mind and the body, yoga is definitely one of the best places to start.  It doesn’t lead to injury and is quite an easy … Read more

25% of Americans Prefer AI Chatbots Over Therapists for Guidance

using chatGPT as therapist

While therapy has long been an established method for individuals to discuss their feelings and worries, the traditional setting of face-to-face sessions might seem daunting to some. A recent study conducted by Tebra, a platform for independent healthcare practitioners, delved into the sentiments of 1,000 Americans and several healthcare professionals about the use of AI … Read more

8 Interesting Facts About Sleep

interesting facts about sleep 6

Many people recognize the importance of sleep for humans, but few know its intriguing details. Let’s dive into some astonishing facts about slumber. Rest and Life’s Clock It might surprise you, but we dedicate roughly a third of our entire lifespan to slumber. While it seems like a large chunk of our existence is spent … Read more

Still Smoking Marijuana in Your 30s? This Study Might Make You Think Twice

smoking marijuana into 30s

Marijuana’s growing acceptance worldwide is gradually changing perceptions. With its potential for medical purposes, anxiety relief, and recreational enjoyment, an increasing number of individuals are embracing the plant. Nevertheless, recent research questions the suitability of marijuana use for adults aged 30 and above, urging reconsideration of this habit within this age group. According to a … Read more