Yoga And How It Heals The Mind And Body

For centuries, people have been singing praises about the benefits of Yoga. Interestingly, if one is actually looking for a deep relaxation that would cultivate some form of awareness between the mind and the body, yoga is definitely one of the best places to start.  It doesn’t lead to injury and is quite an easy … Read more

Wind Is Essential For Trees To Grow Stronger

One of the most calming sounds we hear is the wind rustling through the forest. But there is a strange dynamic about the relationship between the wind and trees. So while storms and strong winds destroy trees, there are also ways that the wind and trees work together to benefit the trees. We have for … Read more

This Painter Creates The Most Realistic Paintings In The World – Take A Look At The Details!

Chinese painter Leng Jun is a hyperrealist who creates remarkably lifelike portraits. The talented artist is especially well-known for his intricate oil paintings of ladies, in which each hair strand and piece of apparel is expertly captured. Jun, who was born in Sichuan in 1963, completed his studies in fine arts at the Hankou Branch … Read more