Australian Company Introduces Glow-In-The-Dark Paint For Highways

The lane makers of Victoria, Australia, have come up with an excellent technology to help drivers navigate their routes through the darkness.

To improve the nighttime visibility of highway lanes, three Australian businesses have developed glow-in-the-dark road paint. The teal-green color of the paint has evoked memories of TRON on social media.

The photoluminescence technology employed by glow sticks and other devices that glow-in-the-dark, which collect sunlight during the day and emit it after dark, is what they are currently testing. 

Not only that but images of the glowing roads became popular on Reddit and Facebook, where users commented on how much the images resembled the 1982 movie TRON. 

There Jeff Bridges plays a game designer who gets trapped inside a computer’s mainframe and must escape by riding a motorcycle that continuously emits colored light in a trail behind it. After the movie, Atari created TRON, which became a popular arcade sport in America.

How Do These Glow-In-The-Dark Lanes Work?

The lines’ coating projects light, which during the day it stores and absorbs to produce a brighter signature at night. The device was developed by Tarmac Linemarking, in association with OmniGrip and Vic Roads, and tested for one km along Metong Road in southeast Victoria.

Following the testing, the company received a deluge of requests for road lighting from local town councils and businesses. 

Since the experiment began, Tarmac Linemarking’s John Emanuelli has had an overwhelming number of requests, especially from companies and authorities who want to light up their walkways. “Since the trial run, there has been plenty of interest; it’s a great product,” he informed a news outlet. The local Australian business thinks the device may be used to improve road safety as well as dark parking lots, walkways, and boat ramps. 

How Has The State Reacted To This Development?

The program is one of the 70 experiments being carried out by the Victorian government, which is investing $4 million in creative new ideas. The state administration is also considering enhancing reflective markings and installing LED-lit pavements next to junctions. 

Regional Roads Victoria stated that this treatment will provide a stronger definition and make it easier for drivers to see the line markings or signage coming up to intersections and curves, giving them allowing them more time to respond and keeping them from straying from their lane. They further added that people unaware of the area will benefit from this especially.

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