(n.) a beautiful servant.
a dangerous master.


Exercise: Benefits, Requirements, And Types To Start With

Whether you are just starting on your morning walk or are a pro athlete, there are days when we all require that extra boost, the motivation to keep going. And it is during such times when you feel cold and wet, or had a frustrating day in the office, that ...

The Basics Of Healthy Eating: Base Your Diet On These Foods

One of the best things that you should do to safeguard your health is to have a primary diet consisting of healthy and wholesome food. It is a fact that 80% of untimely strokes and heart diseases can be avoided through healthy food choices and regular physical activity. Healthy eating ...

What Do You See First: Optical Illusion Will Tell You Your Personality

We have for our viewers an amazing optical illusion that can allegedly reveal the true personality of a person- depending entirely on which animal they end up spotting first. The picture, completely in black and white, depicts both a cat, as well as a mouse. The test will then reveal ...

Yoga And How It Heals The Mind And Body

For centuries, people have been singing praises about the benefits of Yoga. Interestingly, if one is actually looking for a deep relaxation that would cultivate some form of awareness between the mind and the body, yoga is definitely one of the best places to start.  It doesn’t lead to injury ...

The Importance of Routines and Habits

Habits maketh a man. After all, we as humans are governed not just by a set of ideas and rules, but also by a list of routines and habits that give us our identity. We are what we do, and the very actions that we commit separate us from the ...

How Good Is Your Vision: Spot The Hidden Man In 9 Seconds!

We all know what optical illusions are- they are devised to confuse the mind to challenge our perception as well as our visual skills. Therefore, we have a challenge for our viewers today! A man is hidden in the picture, and the challenge would be to spot him in under ...

Wind Is Essential For Trees To Grow Stronger

One of the most calming sounds we hear is the wind rustling through the forest. But there is a strange dynamic about the relationship between the wind and trees. So while storms and strong winds destroy trees, there are also ways that the wind and trees work together to benefit ...

The Bugatti Veyron Can Drain 100 Liters Of Fuel In Just 12 Minutes At Top Speed

When one speaks of the zenith of ICE car technology, the Bugatti Veyron convertible comes to mind. It has a performance that will perhaps never be equaled, let alone bettered. But then you have not considered the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 L Grand Sport. Every hi-tech product, be it a camera ...

The World’s Largest Cave Has Its Clouds, Rivers, and Jungles

When Ho Khanh, a forest man from Phong Nha, discovered Son Doong in 1990, it was thought to be the largest cave in Vietnam and the largest cave in the world in terms of volume. Official measurements and surveying of Hang Son Doong were conducted in 2009 by the Howard ...

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